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All-you-can-eat & Drink

All-you-can-drink courses can be ordered for more than 4 people.

If you do not drink alcohol, you can enjoy non-alcoholic beer, soft drinks and juices on the menu as much as you like.

An extra charge (1500 / hour) will be required to extend your time.

All-you-can-eat & Drink

All-you-can-eat & Drink

95min. ¥5,000 (+10%)

2h10min ¥6,300 (+10%)


All-you-can-eat All kinds of BBQ & Drink

95min. ¥5,990(+10%)

2h10min. ¥7,500 (+10%)


Draft Beer・Shouchu・Wisky・Wine・Drink bar

all-you-can-eat & Drink +cAIPIRINHA

All you can drink Brazilian popular cocktails caipirinha, caipiroska, caipirissima


All-you-can-eat & Drink Caipirinha

95min. ¥6,300(+10%)

2h10min ¥7,600(+10%)


All-you-can-eat Picanha &  Drink Caipirinha

95min. ¥7,300(+10%)

2h10min. ¥8,600(+10%)



Draft Beer・ Shouchu・Wisky・Wine・Caipirinha・Caipiroska・Caipirisshima・Drink bar