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    As for myself, who could go past Choupana!
    Great food, massive servings, meat, meat, meat, salad bar & meat. The staff are super friendly and the prices more than reasonable.

  • The food here is always delicious and I am always satisfied. The waitress and the cooks were also very nice. The staff here is always courteous and kind. Keep up the good work! (K.A from Hamamatsu)

  • The restaurant has a chic and comfortable atmosphere. It's very inviting to Japanese people and I enjoyed the food very much. (M.S. from Hamamatsu)

  • The food was delicious. I was impressed at how good the Brazilian waiters speak Japanese. (S.H. from Hamamatsu)

  • I loved the desserts. (anonymous)

  • The flavor of the meat was the BEST! (T.S. from Aioi-cho, Hamamatsu)

  •   It was absolutely delicious. I wanted to eat more but I was too full. (Y.K. from Wago-cho, Hamamatsu)

  • Completely satisfying (M.U. from Shijimizuka, Hamamatsu)

  • It was very delicious. Thank you!! (anonymous)

  • It was delicious. (M.H. from Gunma)

  • The restaurant is calm and nice. Best of luck. (M.S. from Saiwai-cho, Hamamatsu)

  • I hope the restaurant will be very successful! (H.S. Saiwai-cho, Hamamatsu)

  • It was delicious. Please open a restaurant in Osaka too! (K.N. from Osaka)

  • The roasted pineapple was so good!! (J.S. from Sumiyoshi, Hamamatsu)

  • It might a little too salty for Japanese taste, but it was very good (anonymous)

  • I wish you offered a half-course because it was too much food! But it was delicious anyway! (anonymous)

  • Gostoso! (yummy!) (S.K.)

  • I love Brazilian food (H.Y. from Takaoka-kita, Hamamatsu)

  • I wish a lot of success for your restaurant! (R.T. from Tokiwa-cho, Hamamatsu)

  • I felt like I was in a foreign country. I liked how I felt like I was outside of Japan! (A.N. from Aritamadai, Hamamatsu)

  • I loved how there were soooo many cakes!! I love cakes! (anonymous)




ショウパーナ 浜松店 Info

Churrascaria Choupana Hamamatsu


■住所 / Endereço



Hamamatsu-shi, Naka-ku, Sumiyoshi 3-23-23
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【駐車場 / Estacionamento】
第1駐車場 / Estacionamento 1
第2駐車場 / Estacionamento 2



■電話番号 / Telefone


*atendimento em português: Seg.~Sex.:18:00 ~

Sab. e Dom.: 10:00 ~


■営業時間 / Atendimento

月〜金曜日 / Seg. ~ Sexta   


土・日曜日 / Sab. e Dom


*お肉のラストオーダー/Ultimo pedidos de Carne 23:00


■定休日 なし Open 365days




ご利用頂けるクレジットカード: VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX, 楽天,Diners



LINE ID:choupana
LINE ID: choupana



★敬老の日はお肉を食べてアンチエイジング♪ (金, 16 9月 2016)
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★アマルラというお酒 (金, 16 9月 2016)
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★スタミナ補給にシュハスコ! (土, 20 8月 2016)
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IB Fox Foods の人気商品 ポンデケージョとガラナ

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