OrdeR Special dISHES

We accept orders such as roasted pigs, roasted turkeys and chickens, and roasted pork heads.

Some orders will be placed after receiving your order.

Please order early !!

Hamamatsu city and its suburbs can also be delivered.



Order・Inquiry 053-472-0777

Roasted Piglet

Lechon Baboy

■ The size of the pig cannot be selected.

■ Prices may change depending on the market price.

■ Please order 2 weeks in advance.

¥35,000 +8%~

(10% consumption tax if consumed in the restaurant)


Roasted  Turky

Please order one week in advance

 about 7kg  for about 16~18 pessoas  ¥10,450  +10% 

about 11kg  for about 24~25 pessoas  ¥16,400 +10%


Roasted pork head

Ulo ng Baboy Lechon

Please place an order 3 days in advance.

¥6,000 (税込) 

If you wish to deliver, a separate delivery fee of ¥ 500 (including tax) will be charged.

Delivery is limited to Hamamatsu city and its suburbs.