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To order a takeaway, please call us.

In some cases, we may not be able to prepare products, so we may have time.

Please understand in advance.


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Lechon beLLy

Choupana_Lechon belly(レチョンベリー)香草を豚バラ肉で巻いてオーブンで焼いたフィリピン料理
Choupana_Lechon belly(レチョンベリー)

【Lechon belly 】

Filipino cuisine in which the herbs are wrapped in pork belly and baked in the oven.

How about a home party with your family?


 * The weight is the size of the meat before grilling.

 The meat in the photo is about 1 kg.

 * Please order this product by the day before, as it takes time to cook.

 * Price varies depending on weight.


1kg ¥3000(tax included ¥3240)





A very popular non-alcoholic carbonated drink in Brazil made from the fruits of Amazon " Guarana".

¥200(tax included ¥216)