bebida alcoólica

Oferecemos bebidas alcoólicas e coquetéis brasileiros raros que você não encontra em nenhum outro lugar.
Por favor, aproveite com sua refeição.


◼︎Beer ◼︎

Draft Beer  ¥500(税込 ¥550)


After all, beer goes best with BBQ!

Alcohol-Free Beer ~Alcohol 0%~   ¥500(税込 ¥550)


Recommended for those who want to have a drinking party, but don't want to drink alcohol, but still want to enjoy the party together.

Corona Extra 〜Mexican Beer~ ¥600(税込 ¥660)


Mexican beer is light and easy to drink. After all, it is popular for its coolness.

Of course, we will serve it with lemon.



Desfrute em um copo



 VELHO BARREIRO   ¥500(税込 ¥550)


The most popular Brazilian local sake. It is a distilled liquor made from sugar cane and has an alcohol content of 39%.


Tequila           ¥500(税込 ¥550)



straight       ¥600(税込 ¥660)

Whisky on the Rocks

Whisky with water

Highball...Whisky with soda



◼︎Shouchu - Glass- ◼︎

straight        ¥300(税込 ¥330)

Shouchuu on the Rocks

Shouchuu with water

Shouchuu with green tea

Shouchuu with úron tea


◼︎Suminoff Ice◼︎

Smirnoff Ice    ¥500(税込 ¥550)



Catuaba      ¥600(税込 ¥660)



Catuaba on the Rocks

Catuaba Ball...Catuaba with Soda






Try drinking and comparing three types of cocktails with different bases that are very popular in Brazil!



カイピリーニャCaipirinha  ¥700(税込 ¥770)

 Brazilian local sake - cocktail of cachaça, lime, and sugar
Recommended for those who want to taste Brazil


Caipiroska         ¥700(税込 ¥770)

 Vodka, lime and sugar cocktail
Vodka version of Caipirinha


Caipirissima        ¥700(税込 ¥770)

 Rum, lime and sugar cocktail
Rum version of Caipirinha


Mojito           ¥700(税込 ¥770)

 Cocktail of rum, lime, mint, carbonated water and sugar

It's like adding mint and carbonated water to Caipirissima, making it even more refreshing!

We use fresh, pesticide-free mint grown in-store


バチーダ ストロベリー / Batida Morango
バチーダ ストロベリー / Batida Morango

Batida Coconut        ¥700(税込 ¥770)

 Sweet cocktail with cachaça and coconut


Batida Strawberry      ¥700(税込 ¥770)

 Sweet cocktail with cachaça and strawberry


Amarula         ¥700(税込 ¥770)

 An African liquor made by fermenting a fruit called marula, which is said to make elephants intoxicated. Sweet and creamy.

It's fun to drink while imagining a drunk elephant.


Amarula with Milk    ¥700(税込 ¥770)

 Mix Amarula with milk to make it milder.


Gin Tonic       ¥700(税込 ¥770)


Cuba Livre       ¥600(税込 ¥660)


Khalua & Milk     ¥600(税込 ¥660)




Bottled Wine(Red)  ¥1,600(税込 ¥1,760)

 If you order with all-you-can-eat ¥1,300(税込 ¥1,430)


a Glass of Wine(Red・Branco) ¥350(税込 ¥385)


Decanter wine(Tinto・Branco)500ml ¥700(税込 ¥770)


◼︎Kanpai Drink◼︎


We have prepared Kanpai drinks that are great for parties.


Espumante・Sparkling Wine 

              ¥2,500(税込 ¥2,750)


For children and people who do not drink alcohol


 ~Non-alcoholic~      ¥500(税込 ¥550)