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What's Churrasco?

The barbequed meats are served table side
The barbequed meats are served table side
Brazilian BBQ


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Choupana is a restaurant serving churrasco (Brazilian BBQ) and a buffet with exotic Brazilian dishes,

various healthy salads, and delicious desserts.


"Churrasco" is a Brazilian-style BBQ that originates in the Gaucho cowboys in southern Brazil barbequing meats on large skewers outdoors. Large pieces of meats are seasoned only with rock salt to enhance their natural flavors and roasted slowly over charcoal fire.

This way, excess fat drips off but the meat is tender and juicy inside.


At Choupana, we serve our churrasco table side ("rodizio" in Portuguese), and it is quite entertaining to see the large pieces of skewered meat being sliced and served right in front of you.

So leave it to the professionals to barbeque the meats to perfection, and sit back and enjoy your meal with your family and friends!