Request when entering the Restaurante


Choupana has installed an alcohol spray at the entrance as a measure against coronavirus.

Please disinfect your hands when you enter the restaurant.


Currently, alcohol disinfectants are difficult to obtain.

Alcohol is enough by using one push, so please do not overuse it.


In addition, all of our buffet dishes are in containers with lids or glass cases. Please be sure to close the lid and door when you have finished sorting the dishes on your plate.


There is also an alcohol disinfectant in the buffet corner, so please disinfect your hands before serving the dishes on your plate.



Uber Eats

[Payment method]

     credit card
     David card
     Apple pay
     Cash (cash on delivery)

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Please call to order.



【Takeaway business hours

Monday,Tuesday & Friday 18: 00-21: 00

Saturday & Sunday 11: 30-21: 00 


Takeaway Menu

Discount for Over 65 years old

over 65 years old  ¥500 Discount
Picanha Tabehoudai / All-You-Can-Eat Picanha (Rump cap BBQ)
Tabehoudai / Rodízio / All-You-Can-Eat Churrasco

※Please show our staff the one which can prove the age of the license with a picture of the face.