Non Alcohol

■ Fruits Juice ■

Orange Juice ¥350

Orange Juice ¥350 tax included ¥385

Pineapple Juice  ¥350+10%

Pineapple Juice  ¥350tax included ¥385

Mango Juice ¥350+10%

Mango Juice  ¥350tax included ¥385

Rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, and folic acid, it is low in calories. Attractive texture and sweetness

Cashew Juice ¥350+10%

Cashew Juice  ¥350tax included ¥385

Cashew nut fruit juice

Passionfruits Juice ¥350+10%

Passionfruits・Maracuja  ¥350tax included ¥385

A popular drink with a soft scent.

Acai Juice / Suco de Açai / アマゾンのミラクルフルーツアサイージュース ¥500
Acai Fruit

Acai Berry  ¥700tax included ¥770

Popular Amazon Miracle Fruit Drink

An authentic drink using Açai pulp frozen immediately after harvesting at Amazon.

Try different Açais from those sold at convenience stores and supermarkets.


You can choose whether to pour milk or not.

■ Soft Drinks ■

Guaraná / ガラナ

Guaraná  ¥228tax included ¥250

Brazilian carbonated drink made from the fruit of the Amazon plant "Garana". It is said to have a tonic effect.

COKA COLA   ¥228tax included ¥250


Drink Bar(Self-Sirvice-Drink)  ¥400tax included ¥440

Pepsi / Pepsi Next / Melon Soda / White Water / White Soda

Iced Úron Tea / Iced Green Tea / Coffee (Hot and Iced)
If you order with an all-you-can-eat course or buffet, the drink bar is 350 yen tax included ¥385

■ TEA ■

Hot or Iced Mate Tea ¥350+10%
Hot or Iced Mate Tea

Hot or Iced Mate Tea  ¥350tax included ¥385

An Amazon tea that is rich in vitamins and minerals and is also called a “drinking salad”.

It has a taste similar to oolong tea and is easy to drink.

Alcohol Drink

■Beer ■

Draft Beer  ¥500tax included ¥550

Choupana will serve you with a frozen mug.

Non-AlcoholicBeer  ¥500tax included ¥550

~Alcohol 0%~

Recommended for those who cannot drink alcohol but want to enjoy a toast with everyone.

Corona Extra 〜Mexican Beer~ ¥600tax included ¥660

Popular corona beer. Served with lemon.

■shooter ■

Enjoy with shot glasses  ¥500tax included ¥550


  The most popular local sake in Brazil. Distilled liquor made from sugar cane, the alcohol content is 39 degrees

Tequila ¥500tax included ¥550

■Whisky ■

straight・Whisky on the rocks・Whisky and water


¥600tax included ¥660

■Others ■

Shouchu -Glass-  ¥350tax included ¥385

Smirnoff Ice ¥500tax included ¥550

■Cocktail ■

Caipirinha   ¥700 tax included ¥770
Caipirioska   ¥700 tax included ¥770
Caipirissima   ¥700 tax included ¥770


tax included ¥770
Batida Coco
  ¥700 tax included ¥770
Batida Morango
  ¥700 tax included ¥770
  ¥700 tax included ¥770
Amarula Milk
  ¥700 tax included ¥770
Gin Tonic
  ¥700 tax included ¥770
Cuba Livre
  ¥600 tax included ¥660
Kahlua & Milk
  ¥600 tax included ¥660


tax included ¥660

■Wine ■

Popular chili wine
Popular chili wine

Bottle Wine  (Red)  ¥1,600tax included ¥1,760

If you order this wine with all-you-can-eat BBQ, it costs ¥1,300tax included ¥1,430


a Glass of Wine (Red・White) ¥350tax included ¥385


Decantar of Wine (Red・White) 500ml ¥700tax included ¥770