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Brazilian BBQ -Churrasco-

Churrasco Variety set ーselling discontinuedー

[Churrasco mix] Rump Cap, Rump Cap Garlic Flavor, Skirt Steak, Pork Ribs, Sausage, Chicken Hearts
50% more than a single item ♪ Great value [Churrasco mix] 

【Churrasco Variety set  <Churrasco mix>】 

 Rump cap (Picanha)・Rump Cap Garlic Flavor (Picanha ao alho)Thin Skirt (Fraldinha)Pork Ribs (Costela de Porco)Brazilian Pork Sausage (Linguica)Chicken Hearts (Coracao)

 50% more than a single item!

 ¥3,000(tax included ¥3,240

Churrasco Variety Set <Mini>

Churrasco Variety Set (Churrasco Mix) Mini
Churrasco Variety Set (Churrasco Mix) Mini

【Churrasco Variety set Mini <Churrasco mix Mini>】 約300g


1 Chicken Hearts
2 Sausage
3 Pork Belly
4 Beef Thin Skirt
5 Rump cap steak (Ichibo) garlic flavor


¥1800  (tax included )

Rump Cap ーselling discontinuedー


Rump cap <Picanha>

The most popular meat in Churrasco

¥800(tax included ¥864)


Rump Cap garlic flavor

Picanha ao alho(ピカンニャ にんにく)
Picanha ao alho(ピカンニャ にんにく)

Rump cap Garlic Flavor <Picanha Nin-niku>

Perfect for Beer!!

¥800(tax included

Thin skirt


Thin skirt <Harami>

Popular meat with a chewy texture

¥650(tax included

Pork ribs ーselling discontinuedー

Costela de Porco(豚バラ)
Costela de Porco(豚バラ)

Pork ribs <Buta bara>

A popular item with a delicious crispy baked fat

¥500(tax included ¥540)



Brazilian Pork Sausage
Brazilian Pork Sausge

1 Sausage

The sausage in the photo has been cut.

¥250(tax included

chicken harts


Chicken Harts <Hatsu>

Chicken Harts soaked in a secret sauce and baked can be delicious without any odor.

¥500(tax included

chicken wing


1 Chicken Wing <Tebasaki>

Crispy and fragrant skin, juicy chicken wings

¥250(tax included


Rump Meat


Rump Meat 

Healthy red meat.

¥650(tax included